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     SPRING 2017 Registration Coming in January
If you played in the Fall you are already registered for Spring


On Line Regsitration available January 16, 2017 through February 17, 2017

In-House Soccer
Thursday, Jan 17 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Travel Soccer
InHouse Fee: $60.00
Travel Fee: $70.00
Early Registration Discount $10.00 if registered before February 1, 2017

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Soccer Program Descriptions

Age determination: The players age is determined based on their age as of December 31 2016.

In House:

Available for youth ages 4 through 15. All games (except makeup games for rainouts) are played on Saturdays, Sept through Oct, and April through May, at the soccer fields at Evans Park. There is also one practice each week on a weekday. Games are almost always small sided, with only 6 - 9 players per team on the field at one time (as opposed to the normal 11). This assures more involvement for each player. In-House refers to the fact that all games are played out doors here in South Park between area youth. It should not be confused with In-door soccer, which is played in-doors between late October and early April


Available for ages 9 (U10) and up. In the Fall, South Park Soccer Association traditionally supports U10 through U14 teams. In the Spring, additional older teams composed of players who played on the high school teams in the fall and others too old for the U14 teams are added. Travel teams play teams from other communities and is more competitive than In-house. These games are played on Sundays (except makeup games for rainouts), between 12 PM and 6 PM. Sept through Oct, and April through mid June. They may either be played here in South Park or at the field of the opposing team. In addition to the games, each team has either 1 or 2 practices during the week at the Middle School fields. There are different skill levels of Travel (divisions 3, 4, 5 and 6), with division 3 being the highest skill level. The division 4, 5, and 6 teams normally only play local teams from Bethel Park, Jefferson, Mt. Lebanon, etc. whereas division 3teams may play more distant teams (sometimes even Erie and Johnstown). Your child may play on both Travel and In-house, in fact they are encouraged to do so.

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